After Hours Project

After Hours Project (AHP) provides an array of services including: intake and assessments, Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) and Expanded Syringe Access Program  (ESAP), outreach to injectors and other high-risk drug users, individual and group level interventions, harm reduction counseling, education on safer injection practices, condom and bleach kit demonstration and distribution, supportive services, referrals, client escort, Buprenorphine education, overdose prevention, hepatitis C education and screening, flu shots, hepatitis A & B vaccinations, and Naloxone provision.


Health Education and Counseling

Education and risk reduction services are structured to enhance the knowledge base, health literacy, and self-efficacy of individuals at high risk for HIV/HCV/STD’s as well as HIV-infected persons. These services serve as a vehicle to encourage clients to access medical and supportive services in order to maintain optimal health.

Psychosocial support counseling is provided to assess client’s mental health needs and to provide counseling to encourage clients to access additional services. These services improve overall health and reduce barriers to medical care. If further counseling needs are identified, appropriate referrals are made to meet client needs.