After Hours Project

After Hours Project (AHP) provides an array of services including: intake and assessments, Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) and Expanded Syringe Access Program  (ESAP), outreach to injectors and other high-risk drug users, individual and group level interventions, harm reduction counseling, education on safer injection practices, condom and bleach kit demonstration and distribution, supportive services, referrals, client escort, Buprenorphine education, overdose prevention, hepatitis C education and screening, flu shots, hepatitis A & B vaccinations, and Naloxone provision.


HIV Testing & STI Testing

Man holding syringesAHP has provided HIV testing services since 2006. Its HIV counseling and testing model focuses on voluntary-client requested rapid testing. The program employs multiple recruitment strategies that engage members of the community into integrated HIV/HCV testing services. AHP uses strategies such as street and community outreach, peer education, peer driven social network recruitment, alternative venue testing, and targeted mobile outreach to "hot spots" such as night clubs, homeless shelters, and parks. All strategies incorporate the use of mobile units and peer educators. Testing takes place on our mobile vans, in our Bushwick storefront office where case management, information and referral, advocacy, and client escort services are also offered, and at other community venues such as health fairs and community events. 

 AHP provides testing through mobile vans and program office locations. Counseling and referrals are also available, and AHP staff encourages tested individuals to work on a HIV transmission prevention plan regardless of the results of their current test. Individuals who receive a reactive test will immediately be provided a confirmatory test on-site and will be immediately linked to care.

AHP also utilizes HIV-positive or high-risk Network Recruiters to recruit through their peer-based social networks.  It is crucial for the Network recruiters to reach those who may not know their HIV status, or tested negative previously but have not tested for HIV in more than a year, or are known to be HIV positive but have not been in HIV treatment for more than nine months to get tested and be provided linkage to primary and HIV specialty care.