After Hours Project

Our Team
Staff at After Hours has a deep commitment to the work they do, knowing that each service encounter can change someone’s life. They have extensive experience in the harm-reduction field and are dedicated to compassionate service for those who are in need. The staff at After Hours provides assistance in many languages, and is comprised of engaged members of the community.
Antonio Medina
Written by Robert Manshack
Antonio Medina
Peer Educator

Tony began working with After Hours Project, Inc. (AHP) as a Peer Educator in 2011, conducting outreach and providing health education information to active substance users, homeless individuals and community residents out in the field. He has an extensive history of outreach and harm reduction training and recently got back into the field after working in the plumbing industry for several years. Tony started his career working for Bushwick Community Service Society in the early 90’s as an Outreach Specialist. During that time he was able to enhance his client engagement skills as he was responsible for recruiting clients to participate in their newly established syringe exchange program.

Tony has a personal passion and commitment to the field of HIV prevention since he has lost childhood friends to the disease. He understands the difficulties and challenges face by substance users/homeless individuals and works hard to reduce the stigma associated with their lifestyle to help them overcome the barriers to access services.

Tony lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn.