After Hours Project

Our Team
Staff at After Hours has a deep commitment to the work they do, knowing that each service encounter can change someone’s life. They have extensive experience in the harm-reduction field and are dedicated to compassionate service for those who are in need. The staff at After Hours provides assistance in many languages, and is comprised of engaged members of the community.
Elizabeth Claudio
Written by Robert Manshack
Elizabeth Claudio
Data Manager

Elizabeth Claudio is AHP’s Data Manager and is responsible for the agency’s data entry. She has been with the organization since September, 2007. Elizabeth manages all data entry and works closely with staff members to make sure all data is accurate and submitted in a timely fashion. She always goes beyond the call of duty, wearing several hats. Elizabeth is committed to helping people fulfill their potential.

Elizabeth and her colleagues work as a team to address the special needs of their clients. She believes that with a good attitude and positive thinking many things can be accomplished. With her sparkling smile and zestful enthusiasm, she provides much needed services in an environment that is non-threatening and welcoming.

Elizabeth received a certification in office technologies from Pratt Institute in 1990. She is also a registered Notary Public in Kings County. In addition, Elizabeth is an ordained Licensed Minister in the State of New York, and is a Pastor at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She is also the principal of the International Bible Institute. Elizabeth has completed three years of biblical studies in Theology at the International Bible Institute in Brooklyn, NY.