HIV Counseling and Testing Component

AHP has conducted more than 65,000 HIV tests since we opened our doors. Each year, we serve nearly 10,000 individuals in our syringe access program and thousands of them receive case management services on an ongoing basis.

AHP targets people with high-risk behaviors, including people who use drugs, sex workers, men who have sex with men, high-risk Latino/a and African-American populations, immigrants and homeless people.

People who test positive for HIV, HCV or STIs are immediately referred to one of our many hospitals or FQHC clinic partners in Brooklyn and Queens for primary and/or specialty care.

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Target Population

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Our target population includes People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who are uninsured, Medicaid-ineligible, and out of care. In particular, AHP targets immigrants, both naturalized citizens and undocumented, and provides services in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

The service area and target population were selected because of the high numbers of PLWHA that receive inadequate health care, including a large HIV-positive immigrant population. The service area’s diverse immigrant population includes people from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean, and South America. The immigrant groups in the service area are associated with high rates of HIV (e.g., Haitian-born adult immigrants have four times the rate of new HIV diagnoses as NYC’s foreign-born population), and many immigrants are undocumented—less than half are naturalized citizens. Further barriers to care in the target population can be attributed to poverty, language barriers, difficulty navigating the health care system, and social norms, beliefs and values that stigmatize HIV.

The Board of Directors


Richard Curtis, Ph.D

Vice Chairman

Roberto Lopez


Zulema Blair, Ph.D


Bibiana Soto, M.A 


Fernando Soto, ED

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Betances Health Center

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