After Hours Project

Our Team
Staff at After Hours has a deep commitment to the work they do, knowing that each service encounter can change someone’s life. They have extensive experience in the harm-reduction field and are dedicated to compassionate service for those who are in need. The staff at After Hours provides assistance in many languages, and is comprised of engaged members of the community.
Wilfredo Roldos
Written by Robert Manshack
Wilfredo Roldos
Maintenance Worker

Wilfredo is the newest member of the AHP family. He is responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of the facilities and mobile units. Wilfredo is a Certified HIV/AIDS Counselor, Certified Bilingual Legal Research Assistant and has a Graduate Degree in Religion.

Wilfredo has a very down to earth attitude and has great hopes of taking all his academic experience and putting it into practice.

Wilfredo was born and raised in Brooklyn and today lives with his family in Ridgewood, New York.