Chief Program Officer

Brenda Watson 1

Brenda Watson

Chief Program Officer
Brenda Watson is the Chief Program Officer of the After Hours Project. She works closely with the President/Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer to oversee programs and program-related services. She is responsible for monitoring the progress and performance of multiple contracts, and her hands-on approach allows her to provide guidance, supervision, and assist with the professional development of staff.

In her role as CPO, Brenda is responsible for the daily oversight of activities within the agency. She provides support to staff to collectively and individually seek feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of all programs. She provides guidance and supervision to all Directors and Coordinators across the agency’s multiple programs. She collaborates weekly with her colleagues to implement policies and procedures and develop improvements in program operations.

Brenda is a dedicated advocate for the causes that AHP supports. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and she is devoted to helping AHP sustain its continued success.